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VCU Policy Statement

Friday, July 12, 2019

CONTACT: Pamela DiSalvo Lepley
Vice President for University Relations
Phone: (804) 828-6057

Several media outlets have reported in news stories or opinion pieces that the university is investigating a matter involving a student and former Gov. Douglas Wilder, a member of our faculty.

VCU does not comment on or publicly disclose information about university investigations that may be underway. VCU policy specifically provides that the university will make reasonable efforts to protect the privacy of participants in its process, and for good reason. Both state and federal law require protection of the privacy of students and employees, which not only safeguards their rights but also ensures the integrity of the process.

Sexual misconduct in any form is harmful to the well-being of our community members and will not be tolerated. VCU takes seriously any allegations of misconduct and all parties’ rights to a fair and impartial process that provides a full opportunity to be heard. VCU policy contemplates both an investigation and an opportunity for parties to contest the findings of an investigation before the process is complete. As our policy states, VCU takes prompt action, if appropriate, when the entire process for any complaint has concluded.